Welcome to Revolution Sundays

Sundays have traditionally been about church, religion or the family. However it is the Anthropocene, people, and all three of these institutions are crumbling. At the same time, we have not replaced the community role that these have served, social isolation is on the rise and it’s very bad for you indeed. Feelings of agency over how to improve the world are low, anxiety under capitalism is not something to be sniffed at.

Luckily for us, there are other spaces to find community and solidarity, where religion and family had once ruled on high. Over the last year, we have been reclaiming Sundays, for working on the world, for a better world. For working on the revolution.

Shaped in no small part by the discovery of other communities doing something similar — Marinaleda, the commun-ish town in southern Spain, has a tradition of Domingos Rojos or Red Sundays that has been running since 1983. On these days the inhabitants of the puebla gather (on a voluntary basis) to work together on improving, fixing and caring of the village. For us, Revolution Sundays are a place to come together each Sunday, to work on your theory of change, get feedback on your post-capitalist projects, think about long term systemic change, or simply to read and get some inspiration. To find people with similar interests and values. It’s coworking for political projects. It is a decentralized group, and anyone can host Revolution Sunday where ever they are, sometimes people call in and join from far off lands. We have hosted them in San Francisco and Berlin for the most part, although Embassy Athens looks set to be the next location to join in.

Post revolution potlucks

We are not focused on politics alone. Economics is a key site for change also. Unlike many of our projects, this one is explicitly about planning for a world beyond the dominance of capitalism. Each week a somewhat nomadic group gathers to discuss, read and plan and hack on projects. Topics covered so far have included discussion around Eugene Holland’s non violent slow-motion general-strike. These discussions rapidly led to the birth of a project called the Radical Incubator, due to launch in London next month at Newspeak House.

Previous weeks have seen us work on the language of postcapitalist futures, and how we prevent our concepts, tools and ideas being appropriated by centrist and reformist ideal and communities. We collectively generated a tool for unifying the language around these projects, and a radical dictionary is in the works so that we can create new terminology and reclaim appropriated terms.

Interested in joining? Our regular events are in Berlin, but you can start your own local version in your community. Message me for support on doing this if you like!