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I suggest you read the original article in its entirety so you know what the hell I’m talking about: http://bit.ly/2j5lQEL

The following will be my attempt at a dissertation on the ways I disagree with this article. It was a response to a post on facebook that has since been deleted. It goes as follows:

“I am not a "disgrace to women" because I don’t support the women’s march. I do not feel I am a "second class citizen" because I am a woman. I do not feel my voice is "not heard" because I am a woman. I do not feel I am not provided opportunities in this life or in America because I am a woman. I do not feel that I "don’t have control of my body or choices" because I am a woman. I do not feel like I am " not respected or undermined" because I am a woman.

I AM a woman.

I can make my own choices.

I can speak and be heard.

I can VOTE.

I can work if I want.

I control my body.

I can defend myself.

I can defend my family.

There is nothing stopping me to do anything in this world but MYSELF.

I do not blame my circumstances or problems on anything other than my own choices or even that sometimes in life, we don't always get what we want. I take responsibility for myself.

I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend. I am not held back in life but only by thewalls I choose to not go over which is a personal choice.

Quit blaming.

Take responsibility.”

*in red are quotes from the article

Firstly, this opening paragraph of her argument is a non-sequitur. It, like most of the rest of the article, is soley to put herself on a percieved moral high ground. It has nothing to do with her central point that the OP is oppressed or with an underlying point that she is a “disgrace to women”. Then she tells the OP that she needs to thank the important figures in women’s rights. The writer does so in a way of saying that she remembers to "say thank you" while insinuating that the OP is unappreciative of them. This is totally ungrounded and completely condescending.

Next I want to jump to the section that really made me want to respond to this peice. I honestly can’t believe the self-aggrandizing tone she writes with. "I will walk for you. I will walk for your daughter." Are you fucking kidding me? This attitude is equivalent to something I’m sure you don’t like: "I’ll pray for you". And just like annoying religious people she is holier than thou. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I’ll start by saying that I do agree with some of the author’s points. I do believe that mothers should get longer maternity leave. Just as I agree that contraceptives should be available to whoever wants them. But thats about where our agreements end.

I’ll begin with the most contentious disagreement. The "wage gap" is a misnomer. A more appropriate name for it is an earnings gap. When calculating the earnings gap, nothing is weighted. Meaning that the statistics are not controlled for aspects such as: education level, mortality rate of workers in a specific job, type of job, or even total hours worked. Heres an article about it: http://econ.st/1MmPUCn . As you see once they are controlled for, the gap is greatly diminished. While not being totally egalitarian, I dont believe that the statistics show that the issue is, as the writer claims, a systemic problem.

In fact, I believe that the earnings gap is a product of women having a great deal of freedom in the US. Women have just as much control over their choice of occupation as men. And when women do choose, a higher percentage, relative to men, choose jobs that pay less. These are a few examples : http://n.pr/29PCsfG .

The next section contains many statements about the ways that women are discriminated against or disenfranchised. While I find some of them a bit grand-standy and there arent any sources cited, most claims are mostly accurate . However I disagree that all these possible circumstances amount to women as a whole are being oppressed or that we live in a patriachy.

But because I have no personal experience in the matters, I’ll move on.

A quick aside. I think it is important how many times the writer puts words into the OPs mouth. Along with the immense amount of shade thrown.

The next section is probably the most intellectually dishonest. All of the countries mentioned have populations of less than 6 million, with Iceland only having 300,000. It is far to easy to skew the data and give false impressions about what is possible to accomplish without getting into socialism. Also, exluding New Zealand, they are among the smallest countries geographically. For instance, Estonia is the smallest country in the Eurozone and Singapore essentially being a city state.
Any comparison made to US, the home of 320 million, I feel, is inappropriate due to the far larger hurdles to face in implenting the policies she mentions. (Economic and legislative)

And as I hope is evident, I did a bit of research for this response and I was unable to find any source that ranked the US 45th in an equality rating. And I for one believe that the US is a place of far greater opportunity for women than either Rwanda or the Philippines.

The main point I want to convey with all this is that I believe the OP is completely right when she says as her first sentence: "I am not a "disgrace to women" because I don’t support the women’s march."

I sincerely think that the only reason we have difference of opinion is that we have recieved different information. I’ve tried to explain myself and my views as clearly as I can and I hope we can find some common ground. I’m always open to new ideas and information. Please respond in your own time.

And although its contradictory now that Im a part of it, stop reading things on Medium.

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