Net Neutrality 101:

The FCC is once again trying to end Net Neutrality(remember when websites went black-out to protest?), this time under a bill deceivingly titled “Restoring Internet Freedom Act”.

Here’s why Net Neutrality is important in a nutshell:

  • Think of Net Neutrality as the first amendment of the internet.
  • The FCC is in charge of regulating big corporate entities like ATT, Verizon, etc for services like telephone, internet, etc. Its current chair under the Trump Administration is an ex-Verizon Lawyer, because what could go wrong with that?
  • This Anti-Net Neutrality bill is being pushed forward by many prominent Republican Congressmen (like Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz), who are in turn supported by lobbyists for these big corporate companies.
  • In a world without Net Neutrality, companies like Verizon will be able to restrict your access & speeds to specific websites/services. This essentially places control of internet in the hands of these big internet service providers. This also means access to new, innovative technology can also be restricted in favor of services that Verizon support or have a direct interest in.
  • Companies like Verizon will also be able to sell your private information to advertisers (because more $$$!!!).
  • Internet will be like cable TV if “Restoring Internet Freedom Act” passes and Net Neutrality is ended.
  • A glimpse of what the internet will look like without Net Neutrality:

What you should do:

Don’t watch it happen!

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Make your voice heard.

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