Adaway apk v3.2, Block Ads completely from your Device

AdAway is an open source ad blocker for Android using the hosts file. AdAway is a utility for root users used to help manage host file entries. AdAway doesn’t directly block ads; it limits unwanted ads by blocking servers that distribute those ads to websites.

Adaway: Prerequisites

  • ROOT
  • Read/Write access on framework segmentIssues

Information can be found in-application Help screen. If you have different issues please report them in the issue tracker on.


  • Root access: To compose has record to framework parcel
  • Internet access: To download has documents
  • Modify/erase SD card substance: To fare records to SD card
  • Wakelock: Wake up telephone when AdAway overhauls in foundation
  • Google Play Billing: To give by means of Google Play Store

What’s New

 * Systemless root support — extensive work by PerfectSlayer
 * Improvements to root mounter — by sanjay900
 * Translations updates
 * Various updates for support on Android 7.x

 * Update source to use https
 * Translations updates

 * Minor bugfixes
 * Update mongoose internal web server to 6.4 release
 * Translations updates
 * Update default source to use https
 * Add generated timestamp into header of hosts file

 * Add 64bit arch which allows tcpdump to run on those devices
 * Adjust scan adware list and stop it from crashing
 * Update libpcap to 1.7.4 release
 * Update tcpdump to 4.7.4 release
 * Update mongoose internal web server to 6.0 release and add IPv6 support
 * Add enable IPv6 option which adds ::1 to all hosts entries
 * Improve building hosts file speed by up to 2.5x
 * RevertService uses Target hosts file preference
 * Updates to support Android 6.0 SDK (23)

Full Changelog here


Adaway apk download
Adaway apk download
Adaway apk download

Adaway: FAQs

Ads are not blocked when on mobile data connection!

-AdAway will not work reliable when on Mobile Networks like 3G. You can deactivate that proxy by going to your selected APN (On Android 4: Wireless and Networks -> More… -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names) and remove the value in the proxy field.

Ads in Chrome are not blocked!

-Disable Chrome’s Data Compression Proxy.

Application XYZ stopped working!

-See this list of problematic apps for a workaround. If your app is not included fill a bug report and hope for help.

Back button in Android’s Browser stopped working!

-Enable the local Webserver in AdAway’s preferences as a workaround.

Are there more hosts sources that can be used?

-More Hosts sources can be found in the Wiki on Github.

Adaway: Downloads

Download Adaway


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