My biggest Fear during my Graduation

When I starts my graduation I faced a problem regarding my public speaking during my presentation. I feel nervousness during presentation and as a result my presentation get flopped. I thinks that I have glossophobia but I figured out reason behind this. Actually my native language is Urdu and at graduation level it is requirement that I have to use only English as a language. I am unable to speak English eloquently and get choked oftenly during presentation. That time I decided to learn English eloquently to make my English public speaking strong. My goal was clear but I don’t know how to proceed. To accomplish my goal I made a road map and divided it into three tasks.

The first task is to improve my argument making skills by developing literary skills, by reading articles and novels and by writing blogs. Before this task I only can think in Urdu but after completing this task I can think in English. My second task is to practice in front of mirror to practice my confident body language. This task is important for me because for me only 7% verbal communication matters and 93% that thing matters is non verbal communication that represented by your gestures. If your gestures are positive then your message is conveyed more positively.

My last step is to courage to take initiative to come at stage to inspire audience by my communication skills and to appreciated by audience. After completing these tasks my communication skills have improved exponentially and now I am enjoying my life.