Richest Poor Man Abdul Sattar Edhi

Edhi sahib is one of the famous personality of globe whose efforts towards humanity have been appreciated worldwide in his own life. He established the world largest ambulance network that gives response in seconds and committed to save lives of needy people in hour of need without any discrimination. I want to highlight the childhood of Abdul Sattar Edhi. He belongs to poor family and their childhood passed in India. He had not studied in school completely due to poor family condition. He received two paisa from her mother from which he had to give one paisa to needy one. This two paisa was not enough to spend on his own self at that time but this thing shows that how his family train him to feel pain of needy people. As other one paisa is not enough to spend on his life he is restricted to save it as well. He thinks he can buy something big one day by making this habit. So at the age he first time use his saving to to buy 10 rupee share of a well known company. At his childhood he get training to save money and to feel pain of poor people. That is the reason his efforts are appreciated world wide during his life.

At the age of six he starts to distributes medicines from hospitals to houses. He fought many times for innocent fellows with senior and notorious guys and as a result he get hurts. He says if God awarded you with a power than you should use it for good will and if you can’t use it to help others then you shouldn’t use it to harm others. He always have feelings for mankind and by utilizing his training to collect money day by day he get succeeded to build Edhi house where he can give shelter to parent less children. After which he get succeeded to expand this project to give shelter to old people. When he realized that due to his age he is dying by age he decided to donate his body’s organ for needy one. In Edhi’s life everybody can see passion toward humanity. For this passion I pays my tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi.