Three Principle to Accomplish Anything

Nowadays very hot conversation circulating among young graduates about how to be get succeeded in life. For me basically three principles are necessary to accomplish anything. If you take these principles seriously then obviously one day you will be succeeded in life. These are:


Work work and only work

What have you accomplish

To strengthen my argument I likes to share first example from Abdul Sattar Edhi life and then second example from my life.

Edhi sahib is one of the famous personality of globe whose efforts towards humanity have been appreciated worldwide in his own life. He established the world largest ambulance network that gives response in seconds and committed to save lives of needy people in hour of need without any discrimination. How he achieved all these things. I think all he achieved is due to these three principles.

He belongs to poor family and their childhood passed in lot of difficulties. He had not studied in school completely due to poor family condition. He received two paisa as a pocket money from her mother from which he had to give one paisa to needy one. This two paisa was not enough to spend on his own self at that time but this thing shows that how his family train him to feel pain of needy people. When Abdul Sattar Edhi grows up his passion become to help needy people. He doesn’t receive enough money to spend on his life but he always saves money whatever he received to serve mankind. When Pakistan came into being on the map of world he comes to Pakistan and his saving get waste due to freedom violation at that time. But he doesn’t stop there. He still thinks he can buy something big one day and can be able to help others by providing them shelter. So he starts to collect money by sitting at road. He doesn’t feel for himself as he acts like a beggars by sitting at roads and collecting charity. Also he doesn’t wait for some miracle that give him money but he tried to achieve this goal by himself that is concept of selfhood. At this stage anybody can get message of selfhood. Means he takes his own decision and doesn’t care about what people will say about his personality. He is passionate about to achieve his goal that is to serve mankind. At start he doesn’t get good response but he tried it again and again. That gives the message of work, work and work but after few years people recognized his passion and he get succeeded to build Edhi foundation. That is providing shelter home to needy one. He doesn’t get hearted when people does not give any charity. At that time he thinks what he have acquired up till now and takes its as his motivation. That covers the principle ‘what have you accomplished’. His life is working on these three principles and he achieved his goal.

Now I shows you that how I have implemented these three principles in my life.

When I starts my graduation I faced a problem regarding my public speaking during my presentation. I feel nervousness during presentation and as a result my presentation get flopped. I thinks that I have glossophobia but I figured out reason behind this. Actually my native language is Urdu and at graduation level it is requirement that I have to use only English as a language. I am unable to speak English eloquently and get choked oftenly during presentation. That time I decided to learn English eloquently to make my English public speaking strong. My goal was clear but I don’t know how to proceed. To accomplish my goal I made a road map and divided it into three tasks.

The first task is to improve my argument making skills by developing literary skills, by reading articles and novels and by writing blogs. This step shows my selfhood that is i realized my weakness and start to work on it and does not wait for any miracle or does not hide my weakness. After completing this step I realized that before this task I only can think in Urdu but after completing this task I can also think in English. My second task is to practice in front of mirror to practice my confident body language. This task is important for me because for me only 7% verbal communication matters and 93% that thing matters is non verbal communication that represented by your gestures. If your gestures are positive then your message is conveyed more positively. So this step shows the part of work, work and work.

My last step is to courage to take initiative to come at stage to inspire audience by my communication skills and to appreciated by audience. At this stage I have not thinks that if I can’t do it then what will happen but I only thinks that if I accomplish it then what will happen to me. That’s make me motivated at the final stage and at last I get succeeded. On the behalf of these results that I have deduced from my daily life accomplishments and that are also a result of three principles, I can say confidently that every thing in this world is possible, even the word impossible itself says that I’m possible.