How to Dress a Skinny Body

Slender body proportions, though highly valued in the fashion world, often don’t fit real-world clothes. And not knowing if you’ve hit the right fashion mark can make you self-conscious. However, there are ways to turn that “Oh, you’re so skinny” into “Wow, you look fabulous.”

  • Buy clothes that are long enough for your body. If the jeans or slacks are even a little too short, don’t invest in them. If the sleeves are too short, put that shirt or blouse back on the rack.
  • Choose fabrics that have weight, structure and texture. Thicker fabrics that hold their shape will add dimension to your frame. Texture adds visual interest and softens severe body lines.
  • Have clothes tailored to fit. Oversize clothing accentuates your thinness; proper-fitting clothes make you look attractively slim. Jeans and slacks can be altered inexpensively at your dry cleaner’s or a tailor’s shop. The waist can be taken in, or the legs can be made slimmer. Likewise, the shoulders and torso of blouses and shirts can be made to fit more trimly. Don’t forget the cuffs on your sleeves. If your wrists are thin, have the buttons repositioned.
  • Accessorize your outfit. Accessories take your look from scary skinny to model-like stylishness. However, very oversized accessories are not good on a skinny body. Choose belts of moderate width and shoes that are in the current fashion but not too chunky. For ladies, unless you are super tall, skip the grossly oversized handbag; choose a similar style that’s scaled down.
  • Wear jewelry, especially earrings. These will draw attention away from your body and to your face. Necklaces make a skinny neck look long and elegant. Jewelry should be of moderate scale. Jewelry that’s too tiny or too large accentuates your thinness.
  • Wear hats. Like earrings and necklaces, hats draw attention to your face.
  • Wear colors. Bright colors create an illusion of size. Also, chunks of color visually break up long body lines, making your body look a little fuller. Of course, select hues that complement your own coloring.
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