Slimming Fashion Styles for Heavy Women

The plus-size fashion market is growing rapidly in the United States. As a result, women who were formerly subjected to frumpy clothing with little style, now have more options to dress to impress. Women who are plus size can and should look fabulous, and there are a variety of clothing options that can help them look slimmer as well. Read on to find out more about slimming fashion styles for heavy women.


  • Black clothing is very slimming, especially black dresses and black pants. Wearing black is a tried and true, and traditional way of appearing slimmer, but other dark colors such as dark brown, navy, burgundy and dark purple can also have the same effect. While plus size women can and should experiment with a variety of colors, dark colors tend to be the most flattering.
    In addition, it is also slimming to wear all one color, especially if the color is dark. When a woman wears all one color, imperfections can be hidden.


  • Stay away from horizontal stripes, which tend to make a person’s figure look wider. Instead, choose clothing that has vertical stripes, which can give a woman’s figure a more elongated appearance. Vertical pin stripe suits can be extremely flattering and slimming for heavier women.


  • When choosing a skirt, stay away from oversized skirts, which can make a plus-size woman look larger than she actually is. Loose and flowing skirts can also have the same effect, because they can add bulk to the body. Instead, wear skirts that are form fitting in the hips and goes straight down from the hips. This skirt style helps a plus-size woman’s body appear more proportionate. Wearing a skirt that stops just below the knees can also have a slimming effect, because it tends to make the body look slimmer and taller.


  • Wearing a V-neck shirt can also be slimming, especially for plus-size women. It draws attention to the bust instead of the bulk of the body. In addition, tops and dresses with empire lines can also draw attention to the bust instead of bulky areas like the stomach.
    Pants and trousers that zip up on the side also give the appearance of a flatter stomach, and tops that fit well beneath the hips can give the illusion of a smaller and slimmer frame. Tops with sleeves can make arms appear slimmer, so plus-size women should stay away from capped sleeves and sleeveless tops, which can put an emphasis on any flabbiness on the arms.


  • Accessories can also be used to create a slimming effect. Carrying a large-sized handbag can give a larger frame a smaller appearance, and wearing a variety of chunky necklaces with v-neck tops can also created a slimming effect.
    It is important to note that regardless of a woman’s size, she can benefit from the latest fashion designs. Women just need to pay attention to what clothing styles and trends are flattering on them when they shop.
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