The Great Betrayal
umair haque

Umair, thank you for writing this. I’ve been following you for some time, and as a skeptic of everyone, I haven’t been able to tell if you were a crackpot or actually with the most open eyes.

My generation has not had the purchasing power of Americans in the past. We like to try to ‘cheat the system’ and get creative, and I’ve realized it’s because our parents are operating in a different economic model than we do.

I’m going to take note of the list of the No el Laureates. It’s time to double down on statistical modeling, and rapid but calm thought processes, and for a couple of those people that subscribe to those ideals but know how to talk as passionately as Donald Trump to step up.

I have questions. Can you take a stab at them?

  • How do we incentive the growth of new asset producing lands, like orchards, micro forests, and open wild greenery?
  • Can we get a list of even more respected thinkers?
  • You’re chronicling the thoughts of the world. Any suggestion on how to counteract these things outside of “be good to others, pick people up and give, and build a new currency hat the elite can’t get a hold of?”

Thank you again Umair. Be safe.

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