Organizational Communications: Today and Tomorrow (COM 320)

Chapter 1

Corporations, the government, and charities are three groups that can be categorized as organizations. An organization’s success is heavily reliant on it’s ability to communicate efficiently across all types of platforms. Being able to communicate effectively within and across different organization, requires a certain degree of coordination and management. Without these key components, the fate of an organization is surely doomed for failure.

According to the Miriam Webster dictionary, the definition of the word globalize is “…to make (something) cover, affect, or involve the whole world.” Due to globalization, people across the earth are linked together in ways that were impossible 20 years ago. Through the development of technology, the world that we live in today is a complex web of connections that enables people to live a virtual lifestyle. Sharing information, whether it be through pictures, videos, or text, can be done with the simple press of a button, and can be accessed in a matter of seconds.

It is obvious that the rate in which communications and technology has accelerated over the past decade, and in saying that much, one can only wonder what is next to come. Is easily accessible information a good thing? And if it is, for how long will it remain that way?

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