Breaking free??Not so easy kiddo!..

“Strive for perfection and success will surely follow”,…a famous quote from a worth watching movie.

Indian? Completed 10th grade? wanna take up maths? Then u have no choice! Get ready for the most dreadful couple of years of ur life!

Born in an education obsessive nation, my life wasn’t so forgiving. I can hardly imagine a period of my life when I had a “me” time. A day starting so early in the morning only to get up and rush to school, having an appalling day of boring routine and coming back to home…..

If u thought this was gonna end….not so fast. After a 15 to 30 mins break, rushing for extra coaching classes and another 5 stressful hours of torture.

Every Indian has a very clear idea of what this is ‘bout! The world where we are living in today, where our days are limited ,this the way our decades of life are spent. No one is ever bothered to ask the child what he or she is interested in pursuing in their life!


In a country known for being the largest democracy, a child doesn’t have his way in his life! Times may have changed now but most of the families still believe that spending hours together in front of the textbook can make one successful.

And success is….

And success means only one thing “getting into the “IITs”!!

Indians are so “obsessive”(a lot actually) about the IITs. They are willing to put their child through whatever to secure a place in the most” prestigious” institution in India.(hopefully not all of them but most of them)It doesn’t matter if the child wants to become a singer or a dancer. These arts are often taken for granted and treated as such a waste of time. (pity,indian being blessed with the most diverse art forms in the world,very few Indians do actually care.)

To get into these collages, different schools have introduced IIT foundation programs where a child studying in lower classes (usually 7th or 8th grade)has to learn the things being taught in 11th and 12th grade.

One can imagine how stressful this can be for an average scoring child! If a student does not get into these colleges, he is forced to believe that his life is ruined and he is fit for doing nothing. This period generally occurs during an important phase of life. The adolescence.

And to make it a bit more intense….

A couple of institutions (junior colleges, usually 11th and 12th grade) in south India are famous among the students usually known as the “hell on earth”.(whoa ,that was intense!) They believe in torturing the students from morning till midnights with their long and tiring lectures. They simply do not believe in developing communication skills among the students or encouraging them to take up an art form of their interest.

They, for sure, produce good results, but what is the whole point of teaching when the student is not interested and finds it tiring??Isn’t learning or education created for leading a successful life??Can they guarantee student of their institution can combat the different hurdles and ups and downs of life??Because life is not about memorizing and writing answers on sheet of paper!!

Students can get into famous universities ,that’s for sure, but due to poor communicating skills and logical thinking(thanks to these schools and jr.colleges),graduates are failing to get employment opportunities. thus leading to a drastic increase in unemployment rates.

If the present situation continues, then India will be among the top countries with educated unemployment cases!

graph showing unemployment rate among Indian youth over a span of 2 decades.

Ever wondered why India never participates in many of the events in Olympics??Well, I think u have ur answer. A child destined to be the most successful hockey player (or any other) usually ends up in an IT firm and struggling his way up to the top, clearly without dedication and interest, seems like an almost impossible task!

Most of the schools lack basic physical education. From the morning hours till the midnight, sitting in front of the books, generally preferred by most of the Indian parents, (DUH!),can actually lead to various health disorders, now tremendously increasing.well,who cares about health? All we need is a course in the DIVINE IITs! Right, Indian parents?(hopefully some of you don’t).

Wait…., I don’t want to” hurt “anyone here, but some of the parents really need to revise their home rules!

Now when will these dark and stormy nights pass on and the sun will rise into a beautiful morning, a hopeful future, surely for millions like us(hope so), is worth waiting for!

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