75% dividends for all of us!

Not only that Azbit is making a huge wave in the cryptocurrency exchange platform, in the recent youtube video, Azbit’s Chief Business Development Officer, Dmitry Gursky introduced a very exciting news for all of us:

Tokenized Shares, 75% dividends for all of Azbit token holders.

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6_KNPVLvug

Out of curiosity, I took my time asking tons of questions about this recent good news. And below is the important things we have to pay attention to, and I summarized:
1. Azbit is issuing 2.000.000 shares for token holders, and 
2. 75% nett profit of Azbit platform will be distributed for token holders as an airdrop.
3. Token holder may acquire AZ tokens from buying in the ICO, market, and even their bounty program and technical airdrop.
4. Distribution (and snapshot) will occur once a month.
5. US accredited investors are eligible for this airdrop as Azbit is registered in the United States SEC under regulation D.
6. 1 share is equal to 200.704 AZ tokens.
7. To be eligible for this dividend distribution, token holders must register (and put in their wallet address) in Azbit.com
8. A list of compatible erc20 wallet is as follows: metamask, mist wallet, mew, imtoken, parity, trust wallet, cipher, and hardware wallet: ledger and trezor
9. Time of snapshot will be announced at a later date (nearing the end of the ICO period).
10. Dividends will be distributed in native AZ tokens.

And the calculation will be as follows:

(Nett Profit x 75%) ÷ 2.000.000 x owned shares = allocated distribution

Case #1:

a. We hold 200.704.000 AZ tokens, we will have roughly 1000 shares.
b. The nett profit is AZ

( x 75%) ÷ 2.000.000 x 1000

our allocated distribution will be = 375.000 AZ per month

Case #2:

a. We hold 10.000.000 AZ tokens, we will have 49,82 shares.
b. The nett profit is AZ

( x 75%) ÷ 2.000.000 x 49,82

our allocated distribution will be = 18.682 AZ per month

If even by the odd chance that the price of AZ remains the same for the next several months, if:

- We're holding 1000 shares we will get roughly 375.000 x 0.00012 = $45

- We're holding 49,82 shares we will get roughly 18.682 x 0.00012 = $2.25

Please note:
• That this calculation is under the assumptions that AZ token does not increase in price ($ 0.00012 per AZ)
• The nett profit of Azbit.com is only at 1 billion AZ tokens (~1 million USD).

This is an amazing news for all of us token holders.

Not only is Azbit doing great things with its development with the trading bots and its bot shop that they announced some time back. But they are also putting us, their investors, as the one who believes and supports them in the right order, the top!

Trully, I personally have never been so excited with recent ICOs, but Azbit made my heart race and made me fall in love all over again with all the developments and news they are throwing at us. ICO never feel this exciting before. And after a whole year of slumps and bears, finally an ICO worth my investment.

I have the mindset of only having 5 coins to hodl big time, and Azbit has gone up as one of them.

To have a taste of their MVP and to learn more of their exciting platform and development, do visit their website at: https://azbit.com and their telegram group at https://t.me/azbit_com

I am sure they will blow your mind away.