Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself…Days At The Iron Yard Pt. 1

My name is Leon Ikpo and I am a web developer…in training. I cant come to truly call myself a web developer just yet, but Im getting there. If you’re looking for a long look at what I’ve gone through to get to the point where I am at this current moment, then I must say, you’re wasting your time. My choice of style is short and straight to the point. Anything that takes a while to go over can and more than likely will be difficult for me(could be my A.D.D., or whatever). Trust me I’m working on that. Anyway, Im drifting off topic (damn you, A.D.D.). Right now as I type, I am currently a student at The Iron Yard going into my last curriculum week before I start working on my final project. Im nervous and excited at the same time. How I got here is where it gets long so if thats what you’re into, by all means continue reading…

My story starts like this; a warm August night in Houston, I’ve just gotten home from work and it’s the same routine. Go to room exhausted, lay on my bed looking up towards the ceiling questioning about my life and where it’s headed. How long must I go on like this? After moping about my life, I decide to go to social media in efforts to put my mind at ease. Facebook of course would be the perfect place for me to temporarily separate myself from my problems. As Im scrolling through Facebook, I come across an ad(surprise surprise) that mentions a way to learn code and utilize the new skill into a new career. Was this a sign from God? Nah, it was an ad from Facebook. The ad was Codecademy and little did I know that this was the beginning of my life making a right turn for the better.

Fast forward two months and Im now a level 10 coder thanks to Codecademy along with a handful of other resources: FreeCodeCamp, JavaScript 30 day Challenge, Coursera, and a plethora of YouTube videos from professionals and aspiring developers looking to enhance themselves. As much as Im loving the progress of skill Ive attained, I couldn’t help but feel Im still no where close to where I need to be, and then it hit me, through ads. Coding Bootcamp. But where and how, and when? I had no clue where to even begin to look for answers until I remembered, YouTube duh!

Fast forward another month, after much research and talking with friends currently in the industry, I’ve decided to apply to The Iron Yard. From that point I continue to practice what I’ve learned while prepping for the upcoming cohort. Classes were to begin in January and as the first day of class got closer and closer, I became more anxious and nervous, filling my head with thoughts of negativity and thinking of the worst that could happen. Let me put it to you like this, so far all I’ve been doing is working on beginner and intermediate level material of HTML5, CSS3, and beginner level material for JavaScript. I saw myself as a mountain climber and everyday I would look at Mount Kilimanjaro thinking “Man, I’m about to climb that thing. Oh dear God, what have I gotten myself into?” The Iron Yard was the mountain in this case. What Im trying to say is would I be ready to take on this new venture? I can only find out when that day comes.

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