lilAI Announces a Groundbreaking Partnership with Coinmetro

3 min readOct 10


lilAI Partners with CoinMetro

Anyone who has been around crypto knows Coinmetro is a platform which is well ahead of

the trends — at lilAI, we’re excited to announce this collaboration with one of the best in the business.

Coinmetro have long been recognized for their unwavering commitment to fostering open dialogue and interaction within their community — creating an environment for education, ideas, and networking. Joining forces with lilAI we are seeking to elevate that experience to the next level.

Our specialized solutions, meticulously crafted to streamline community interactions, are set to elevate the Coinmetro experience to new heights. Powered by cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence, lilAI is poised to lead the charge in maintaining a spam-free Coinmetro Telegram community. We’ll assume the vital roles of addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring a smooth and constructive dialogue, all while nurturing an active and thriving community.

For lilAI, this partnership represents an incredible opportunity to showcase the transformative capabilities of AI in the realm of community management. We are excited to work hand in hand with Coinmetro to revolutionize how communities are managed and engaged.

Together, lilAI and Coinmetro embark on a journey towards a brighter and more dynamic future for community interactions within the crypto sphere. Stay tuned for the remarkable innovations and experiences that await in this groundbreaking collaboration.

FROM TODAY: Anti-Spam Bot Deployed in Coinmetro’s Telegram Channel

One of the initial milestones in our partnership with Coinmetro is the introduction of the Anti-Spam Bot for Coinmetro’s Telegram community. As the crypto space continues to garner immense interest, Telegram channels have emerged as pivotal hubs for discussions, insights, and the exchange of valuable information. However, as these channels expand, they invariably encounter challenges, with spam being a prominent concern.

Coinmetro’s steadfast commitment to delivering a top-tier user experience within their Telegram community led them to embark on a transformative journey. Recognizing the imperative need to combat spam and scams effectively, Coinmetro sought to collaborate with lilAI, a move that has proven pivotal. The result of this collaboration is the Anti-Spam Bot, meticulously customized by lilAI to cater to the unique needs of the Coinmetro community.

This innovative bot harnesses the power of artificial intelligence algorithms to perform a dual role: the identification and subsequent eradication of spam. The outcome is a Telegram environment that remains pristine and highly informative for all of Coinmetro’s dedicated Telegram users.

This breakthrough initiative has granted Coinmetro’s community moderators the freedom to redirect their energies toward the nurturing and cultivation of a vibrant and captivating community space. With lilAI’s AI-powered solutions taking the helm, community management has undergone a profound transformation, ushering in an era where the Coinmetro community experience is elevated to unparalleled heights.

Exploring future collaborations

While the deployment of the Anti-Spam Bot marks an important milestone in our collaboration, it’s just the beginning. Both parties are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and we are actively exploring various avenues for future cooperation. Although specific projects and initiatives are yet to be outlined, the shared vision is clear — to continue enhancing the crypto and community experience for Coinmetro users.


Coinmetro connects modern financial solutions with the power of community. Founded in 2018 in Tallinn, Estonia by Kevin Murcko (Founder & CEO), Coinmetro is on a mission to ensure everyone, everywhere has safe access to life-changing opportunities. Boasting a fourfold YOY increase in the number of users in 2022, the company is one of Europe’s fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coinmetro’s user-centered ecosystem offers a variety of simple, transparent tools for crypto investment, trading, and passive income. Stemming from the founding team’s collective background in traditional finance, the company puts regulatory compliance at the forefront of all business actions. Unparalleled customer support combined with some of the lowest fees in the industry make Coinmetro one of the most accessible CEXs on the market.

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