Securing Success: lilAI’s AntiSpam deployed in Propbase Community and Ensured Safety During $PROPS Token Launch

3 min readNov 14


On Thursday, the $PROPS token launched. Propbase trusted lilAI… we didn’t let them down.

Token launches can be fast and wild experiences for community teams. Projects need partners they can count on to deliver security when it matters most.

Protecting the Propbase Community, One Message at a Time

As lilAI, we recognise the immense potential and inherent risks in the exciting world of token launches. With the debut of Propbase’s $PROPS token, we were presented with a unique challenge: to safeguard the integrity of the community’s channel and protect investors from scams. Our solution? The deployment of our advanced AntiSpam bot, designed to be the first line of defence against the scourge of malicious links and scam attempts that often plague such significant events.

The Threats Within Telegram Channels

Telegram channels, the digital arenas where investors gather to share insights and updates, can unfortunately become hotbeds for scamming activity during token launches. Aware of this, our team at lilAI took proactive measures. The integration of our AntiSpam bot into the Propbase Telegram channel was executed with precision, targeting the prevention of scam dissemination and ensuring a secure space for constructive dialogue.

A Focused Approach to Security

As the $PROPS token launched, the Propbase team could concentrate on delivering success, knowing that the community was in safe hands. Our AntiSpam bot tirelessly monitored the channel, utilising complex algorithms and machine learning to identify and block scamming attempts. This not only protected the community from immediate threats but also adapted to emerging tactics used by scammers, continuously evolving our defensive strategy.

The Outcome: A Launch Uncompromised

Thanks to the vigilance of our AntiSpam technology, the Propbase community experienced a launch free from the distractions and dangers of scams. Our efforts allowed the Propbase team to focus solely on the success of their $PROPS token, while we managed the security of their communications channel. The result was a seamless and secure launch, showcasing the robustness of our AI-driven solutions in the face of potential cyber threats.

Looking Forward: The Future of Secure Token Launches

The successful integration of our AntiSpam bot during the Propbase $PROPS token launch is a testament to lilAI’s commitment to digital security. We believe that our technology is not just a tool but a pivotal part of the ecosystem that will enable safer investment experiences in tokenised assets. As we look to the future, lilAI remains dedicated to enhancing community protection, ensuring that every investment journey starts and continues on a secure note.

At lilAI, we see our role as guardians of trust in the digital investment world. Join us in embracing a future where security and success go hand in hand.




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