Can You Feel My Breath?

The most hurtful thing is to be here but not present.

As I sit here thinking about my life
I still feel the struggle and strife
From the past and of what to come
Oh, how I have become so numb.
To the pain and hurt of being me bring
The lie I live of knowing everything

As I see my dreams begin to fade
I grasp for some hope for the choices I have made
To reap the oats I have sown
My choices are my own
To be alone without fear
And yet I cry here

As tears fall from a place that kills
I have become cold and it stills
The stagnant of my desires stays within me
Through life, dreams, and misery
Time passes from day to day and hour to hour
Until fears set in and I cower

Wrapped in arms as strong as mine
My heart begins to blind
Me from the weakness that I feel
Would this hurt begin to heal?
I am hurt and others can’t see
What it is like to be me.

It will end when the time comes
But now loneliness has succumb
Deep within my thoughts and not letting go
When will the masks crack and begin to show
My hurt, pain, and weakness that dwell within.
Can I really pass anymore with my grin?

As I look in the mirror, I see you
As people look at me, do they see it too?
In my eyes I see tears.
In my voice, do you hear?
Through my words I hear death
Through your dreams, can you feel my breath?

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