Where are you lover?

Where will I see you next? In dreams conjured in my head.

Someday is sooner in my mind, 
Once I sleep, my mind will go blind
I dream of him, though he’s not here
Within the broken pieces, my heart will bear

Where are you lover? When I’m begging you please
What are you doing? I’m in the breeze
Where are you lover? Can you feel my whispers’ caress?
A love that’s easy and not too much stress.

I wait here alone in this room so cold
With only my tears and blanket to hold
Send me a sign or even a note
I’m hanging by a thread, please send me a rope

Where are you lover? Can I call you that?
Were your words true or were they just scat?
Where are you lover? Do you know how I feel?
My feelings are pure and definitely real.

Happiness has found me, but where are you?
Are you lying in bed thinking of me too? 
Are you thinking of my kisses around your face?
Or did I scare you off with my words of pace?

Where are you lover? Why haven’t you found me?
What are you doing? Are we both not worthy?
Where are you lover? I often wonder. 
I thought true love couldn’t be torn asunder.

Clearly, that man was you, my love. 
It wasn’t a demon, angel, or someone above. 
Haven’t we suffered enough with this thing called life?
Me with my ex and you with your strife.

Where are you lover? I’m in my bed. 
Where will I see you next? In dreams conjured in my head. 
Where are you lover? How did you make me cry?
So I cried and cried, I wonder why?

Of tears so sad because you haven’t found me yet. 
My pillowcase are adorn with tears so wet. 
Of the things you promised, but didn’t show. 
I worry and care, my heart wants to know.

Where are you lover? My faith is strong. 
My heart has been broken, you’re not in the wrong. 
Where are you lover? You’re back in my arms. 
You’ve gone away, but now back from harm

How are you doing? “I’m doing just fine.”
Who am I to you? “You’re all mine.”
Love, you have found me.
Love, I’m smiling with glee

Where are you lover? You’re by my side.
What are you doing? Taking on life together with stride.

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