Mindfulness represents] a new way of being in relationship with yourself, one that’s catalytic of a new way of ongoing learning and healing. The transformation comes with the understanding that you are not your thoughts about yourself. You are far far bigger, more nuanced and multidimensional than who you think you are, the story of you.
The Father Of Mindfulness on What Mindfulness Has Become
Drake Baer

–This guy is stealing all my ideas!

Well OK they’re no one’s ideas, or perhaps they’re everyone’s in this specific field, as we’re all growing in parallel, together unknowingly.

–Befriending yourself, awareness as a catalyst, accelerating the liberation from our storyline, our innermost self as plastic, multidimensional, a proactive loop creating a breakthrough, a threshold effect poetically called a quantum leap, etc.

I already retrace most of these ideas to where I got them, who murmured them to me, and I could search and retrace their genealogy further.

Now, what one wants to do in this context is to synthesize, expose and expand them in its authenticity, that is, one’s own approach, voice and tone. Then if we’re thoughtful, perhaps our nuances and subtleties will create new ideas, and again, a forward loop. A fresh paradigm.