The spark ignites, spreading like a wildfire all around us but instead of burning together, we just burn each other out. Leaving nothing but ashes of what it was.

Smoke inhaled, swirling in our lungs. Hallucinating about what we were, about who we were.

Lying to ourselves, cheating on our beliefs just to make it work, just to make it last longer.

We got off on it, the burn that we gave each other, we liked it- the pain. No, we loved it.

Burning each other a little more every time we clashed, everytime we got too close to each other, everytime we got too close to the truth of what we were.

The fire ignited by that spark spread quickly, so quickly. In a blink, we were all burned out. Nothing left of the lies we told ourselves and each other, left with our bare faces. Just two strangers staring at the ashes of the masks we wore, ashes of what we used to be, ashes of the moments we spent.

I picked them up while you ran away from the truth. My portion and yours, I’ve kept them safe for you because one day you will come for them. One day you will come looking for the truth and I will hand you the ashes, our ashes.

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