VI / To Respond

Original artwork by Author, Lila Debas(website, instagram )

To Resonate

To Regurgitate

To Remind

To Refine

To Ramify

To Remiss

To Repulse

To Relay

To Replay

to roll away

to resign

To Regret

To Regard

To Recoil

To Revolt

To Remise

To Rasterize

To Revitalize

To Revolutionize

To Romanticize

To Rhetoricize

To Rectify

To Reply

To Remit

To Revise

To Reverse

To Relinquish

To Record

To Roam

To Reprise

To Randomize

To Recontextualize

To Rationalize

To Receive

To Read

To Reap

To Run

To Race

To Retrace

To Ramble

To Right

To Recite

To Rejoice

To Rewrite

To Resize

To Reciprocate

To Reappropriate

To Reintegrate

To Regenerate