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‘Reyes’ ©Dominick Reyes will face Conor Jones the upcoming event UFC 247 which will take place on February 08, 2020,© at Toyota Center in Houston, United States. ©UFC 247 Jones vs Reyes MMA Streams Reddit 8 Feb 2020.©

On one facet of stage weekday challengers Gallus gallus Neftali Ricardo Reyes and Katlyn Chookagian, the undisputed high contenders in their several divisions and also the latest rising contenders to believe they’re those to unseat the dominant figures UN agency reside atop their individual weight categories.

On the opposite facet of UFC President Dana White weekday Jon Jones and Valentina Shevchenko, their shiny UFC championship belts resting before them, each already optical device targeted on their forthcoming title defenses and prepared to prove that nothing goes to alter within the light-weight heavyweight or flyweight divisions on Sat, Gregorian calendar month eight at Toyota Center.

©I©m not attempting to sound assertive, however, I simply knew this is able to return, this is able to be my next step,© same Chookagian once asked concerning the chance to face off with Shevchenko within the co-main event. ©Getting this fight may be a very long time returning and that I wasn©t super-surprised, however, I©m excited that it©s here and I©m extremely appreciative for the chance.

©She©s hasn©t long-faced anyone with my vogue,© continuing the Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt, UN agency has gone 4–1 within the UFC flyweight division and enters on a two-fight run. ©I move, I don©t simply stand there and go one-two, one-two running forward like her previous few opponents; I utilize tons of footwork and head movement and that I will keep that pace up for 5 rounds.©

©No offense to Katlyn, however all my opponents, everybody says they suppose I didn©t face anybody with their vogue,© responded Shevchenko, UN agency knocked out Jessica Eye in June at UFC 238 and came 9 weeks later to get a unanimous call convert veteran Liz Carmouche to secure her second productive title defense. ©She©s an all-round fighter, a decent striker and he or she says she is aware of the bottom game, however it©s fine; it©s okay.

©I hope she’s going to bring everything as a result of this is often what I need from the fight; this is what I need from my opponents,© she added. ©What I©m planning to do is dominate the fight constant means.©
While the women unbroken it fast, respectful and targeted on themselves, Jones and Neftali Ricardo Reyes had a touch a lot of of a back-and-forth, with Jones acknowledging that the unconquered competition kicked things off by mentioning his previous mistakes and unhealthy selections following his knockout convert Chris Weidman, that got him excited for the chance to share the polygon with him early next year.

©He started off the complete issue observing party favors, observing my past and that©s specifically what I wished and what I needed,© same Jones, UN agency with success defended the sunshine heavyweight title against Anthony Smith and Thiago city in 2019 to push his unconquered streak to a staggering seventeen fights. ©This guy tickles my pickle and that I cannot wait to place my hands on him.

©He©s associate degree elite-level athlete; I feel I’m similarly,© Jones added once asked for his assessment of the streaking competition. ©He includes a ton of power in his left, however, to decision him completely different than anybody I©ve long-faced before, I don©t apprehend if I will do this. I©ve long-faced such a big amount of individuals with far more advanced putting. I©ve long-faced such a big amount of individuals with extreme knockout power.

©I simply have to be compelled to exit there, respect him, believe and simply do what I do.©
For his half, Neftali Ricardo Reyes appeared utterly reception commerce verbal shots with Jones on the soapbox, firing back quickly once the pound-for-pound nice laid-off his victorious standing and up to date first-round knockout of Weidman.

And once he was asked what makes him totally different than previous challengers WHO have stepped to Jones with styles on wrestling the sunshine heavyweight title from his grasp, the assured 29-year-old responded with the sort of relentless self-belief that solely Associates in Nursing unvanquished fighter will possess.
©That©s straightforward, man: I©m Dominick Neftali Ricardo Reyes,© he said. ©I was born in Apple natural depression, California. My upbringing was utterly totally different from anybody he©s ever baby-faced. I©m a womb-to-tomb contestant taking part in multiple sports © baseball, football, wrestling, track © and that I excelled all told of them and currently I©m excelling in MMA.©

The match-up between Jones and Neftali Ricardo Reyes is implausibly appealing and also the interaction between the 2 on stage on Friday evening flipped the start the counting clock following the times, hours and minutes till they’ll hit the polygonal shape in Houston.

Since returning to action a year past, Jones has maintained a need to ©make up for lost time© and reward the fans that stood by him through his numerous problems outside of the cage by fighting ofttimes and he created sensible thereon promise in 2019.

Jumping into the cage with a less established, however dangerous talent like Neftali Ricardo Reyes continues that trend, and whereas the contestant is assured he©s the one to finally unseat the Albuquerque-based champion, Jones believes the result is going to be an equivalent because the last two occasions he©s shared the cage with Associate in Nursing victorious opponent.

©I do want Dominick has everything to win during this scenario © he©s comparatively unknown © however that©s why I©m coaching as laborious as I will,© aforementioned Jones. ©I©m taking him extraordinarily seriously. as a result of he©s unknown, individuals would expect American state to require him gently, however that©s, however, guys in my position would fall.

©I©m taking you seriously, however you©re a pawn during this game,© he aforementioned to Neftali Ricardo Reyes once the challenge recommended he would go away him lying on the canvas. ©You©re simply a chunk within the puzzle. I©m attempting to be nice and you©re simply a section of it. everyone seems to be victorious before they fight the American state. Daniel Cormier was victorious. Ryan Bader was victorious.©

©What will Daniel Cormier got to do with me?© questioned Neftali Ricardo Reyes. ©What will Ryan Bader got to do with me?©

©You not special, Dominick,© Jones answered.

©Oh, I’m The One; I promise you,© the contestant quickly unemployed back. ©You©ll see.©

We©ll all see in fifty-seven days in Houston, Texas.


The war between Kelvin Gastelum and Israel Adesanya for the interim 185lb belt at UFC 236 won©t be forgotten anytime shortly, as each fighter placed on an exhilarating show that prompted Danu White to explain the bout as ©one of the most effective fights I©ve ever seen.© and also the boss isn’t exaggerating.

Both middleweights had their moments within the 1st four rounds of the fight, with Gastelum dropping ©The Last Stylebender© within the 1st spherical and Adesanya upping his offensive output in the second and third rounds. within the final minute of the fourth spherical Gastelum landed a head kick that badly hurt Adesanya, however the New Dane was ready to survive and take the fight to the ultimate frame.

With the momentum on the Gastelum©s aspect, he continuing the death penalty his gameplan of constant pressure and shutting the gap on the long Adesanya. however, Adesanya would fireplace back, gorgeous Gastelum with an enormous right that sent him to the canvas. Adesanya pounced, nearly lockup up a guillotine and triangle choke before Gastelum created it back to his feet. With a bit over a second left, Adesanya born Gastelum for simply an instant, and once he got up, Adesanya sent him right backtrack to the ground with a manus. Dripping blood and exhausted, Gastelum refused to administer in, however, Adesanya wouldn’t be denied, causation Gastelum to the ground all over again before the ultimate horn measured. What an increase to the highest of the fight game for Adesanya and what a show of heart therein fifth spherical from Gastelum


From the instant that polygonal shape door closed, welterweights Vincente Luque and Brian Barberena were able to completely throw down. the 2 welterweights landed a combined 292 important strikes, delivering success shots and crazy mixtures at a feverish pace.

Both Luque and Barberena were battered and bloody heading into the ultimate moments of the third spherical, with neither fighter giving an in.. within the closing moments of the fight Luque pushed Barberena up against the fence in the clinch and landed 2 devastating knees to his opponent©s mid-section, dropping the sturdy Barberena once and permanently. The performance from each fighter sent the group at Talking Stick Resort Arena into a fervor.

3) liquid ecstasy HOLLOWAY VS DUSTIN POIRIER a pair of
Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier two delivered a good higher fight than the prequel, as each fighter competed with grit and determination for the whole 25-minute interim title fight. With the group erupting with every huge strike and large time combination, fight fans around the world were on the sting of their seats throughout the entire fight.

The gap spherical of the fight might need to be the foremost vital of the whole fight, as ©The Diamond© connected on large power shots that wobbled and hurt the featherweight champ like we©ve ne’er seen before. however, despite obtaining damaged badly in spherical one, Holloway©s unbelievable toughness and sturdiness allowed him to even up the momentum by touch Poirier with a barrage of correct strikes. Rounds two, three, four and 5 featured spectacular surges from each fighter. Holloway and Poirier combined for 359 vital strikes, the second-highest tally in UFC history (Holloway vs Brian national leader combined for four hundred last December). In the end, it had been the fighter from Louisiana United Nations agency left Atlanta with the interim light-weight strap.

The bout between 2 of the simplest at middleweight fully lived up to the hyped. each Paulo Costa and Yoel Romero not solely delivered in their three-round UFC 241 bout, however, they sent the group within the Honda Center into a fervor with their unbelievable power and skill.

Both Costa and Romero were born within the initial spherical because of the results of wild exchanges. Costa struck initial touch Romero with a left and as he pressured “The Soldier of God”, he was sent to the canvas Romero’s manus. Costa rose and continuing to push the pace, pressuring Romero to navigate around the fringe of the polygonal shape.

The second frame featured an additional of an equivalent from Costa, perpetually moving forward and pushing the action. however simply once it appeared Romero was deceleration down he roared back landing strikes and inflicting injury. He would finish the spherical with a final second takedown.

It was here that it began to get even additional fun, as Costa and Romero started taunting one another and jutting their tongues out. each man tried to end the fight by landing powerful shots however tonight wasn’t the night to check a large fall (until the most event). In the end, Costa would get the nod in an exceedingly shut and unbelievable firefight.


What a fight. Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington fully met expectations once they duked it out at UFC 245. each welterweight fought most of the fight in an exceeding telephone box, with neither extremely gifted grappler trying one takedown. it had been a grudge match that was resolved with fisticuffs and leading into the fifth and final spherical, each fighter had a true likelihood at taking home that belt. however, within the final minutes, Usman would endure catching Covington with 2 huge punches that sent the yank high Team fighter to the canvas.

It actually was an excellent fight and you couldn’t have asked additional from UFC 245’s main event.


2019©s initial Pay Per read featured what may well be the best show of high-level placing we©ve ever seen. The match between the magnetic Israel Adesanya and therefore the legendary Anderson sylva was nearly breathless, as every fighter displayed their usual level of skill and distinctive placing techniques.

©The Last Stylebender© was able to touch-up, confuse and stun sylva along with his inventive strikes that became more practical as he custom-made to the fashion of the previous champion. Adesanya conjointly showed his fight ratio, not falling for traps set by sylva. By the tip of the fight, it had been clear that the torch that ©The Spider© had been carrying for years had been passed to Adesanya.


Fan favorites Al Iaquinta and Donald Cerrone collided in Ottawa, North American nation in an exceedingly fight that overlived up to the ballyhoo. The five-round war was jam jam-choked with action beginning to end and it shows true heart on multiple occasions. For a majority of the fight, “Ragin” Al found success placing once he closed the gap, however, “Cowboy” used his reach advantage a range of attacks to considerably hurt Iaquinta.

Bloodied up and walking forward, Iaquinta was born for the primary time in his UFC career once Cerrone hit him with a wonderfully regular jab at the tip of the third. within the fourth spherical “Cowboy” landed a huge front kick to Iaquinta’s face that sent the fighter out of the latest dynasty backpedal to the canvas. Despite being terribly hurt, Iaquinta was able to defend himself enough to form it to the ultimate bell.

It was an improbable show of heart from Iaquinta and one more spectacular performance from the new born-again Cerrone. it had been a battle that fight fans won’t presently forget.

If you’re the kind of person who loves a quick pace and high output fight, then the boy was poplar Ladd vs Sijara Eubanks two the fight for you. each girl showed that their cardio is ranking as they battled on the feet and therefore the canvas for a full fifteen minutes at UFC Rochester.

The first spherical consisted of high and lows for every fighter, as Eubanks started and finished sturdy (especially within the final 10 seconds) and Ladd controlled the fight and nearly washed-up in multiple submissions. Ladd took Eubanks back to the bottom within the second and used her elbows and jiu-jitsu to regulate Eubanks for nearly the whole round. the 2 bantamweights unbroken it on the feet within the final spherical, offensive each other within the clinch with knees and short elbows. Flurried exchanges highlighted the ultimate frame as each girl listed hands at shut vary repeatedly till the clock showed triple zeroes.

In the end, it had been Ladd’s pressure, placing and talent to regulate wherever the fight transpires that attained her the unanimous call conclusion.

Tony Ferguson vs “Cowboy” Cerrone could be a fight that fans around the world couldn’t wait to look at. And for ten minutes, they witnessed 2 of the simplest lightweights within the world fully placed on a show.

“Cowboy” came out of the gates sort of a man possessed, finding placing success apparently at the can. Ferguson was game to reply to every of Cerrone’s attacks along with his own inventive mixtures. And before you recognize it, the 2 were engaged in associate all-out war commerce shots.

The second spherical things took a flip, as Ferguson landed one or two devastating blows that caused vital injury to Cerrone’s right eye. because the second spherical progressed, Cerrone displayed his trademark heart as he battled Ferguson despite his impaired vision. Ferguson’s volume, acquisition, and pure vigor are special and he reminded fans of that once more against Cerrone.

In the end, the injury to Cerrone’s eye was too vital and deemed unsafe that the doctors known as the fight at the tip of the second spherical. It wasn’t the means folks needed to check the fight finish, except for ten minutes it had been unbelievably fun and showcased the best-of-the-best, each in technical ability and in temperament.

10) VICENTE LUQUE VS electro-acoustic transducer PERRY

If you’re taking a glance at this list there are one or two menage names. Among them are Vicente Luque and electro-acoustic transducer Perry. therefore a clash between these 2 exciting fighters was sure to build the list and that they didn’t baffle. In their fast UFC South American nation bout, each Luque and Perry show grit, technical ability, and toughness.

All 3 rounds were extremely contested and really shut, with the sting in strikes planning to “Platinum” and therefore the injury dealt going to “The Silent Assassin.” it had been a powerful performance from each fighter and with but 2 minutes to travel within the fight, Luque landed a devastating knee that gruesomely skint Perry’s nose. Luque then sold-out out for a guillotine try compression giant amounts of Perry’s blood onto the canvas.

But Perry had no plans of forsaking, breaking out of Luque’s choke and ending the fight in an exceedingly dominant position.

It was a really shut fight however within the finish, the judges sided with Luque by decision.

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