When I first saw the movie months ago, I slept. Mainly because the first scene was so dark it made my eyes shut down. But now, I don’t regret watching it again because it opened my eyes and heart to a different type of movie. I really don’t like watching Soldiers because it will really break my heart. They die for their country because they also want to protect their families.

I do love watching True Stories because I always wanted reality and not just a fairy tale based story or a full fantasy movie. It may sound hilarious, but I felt I belong and or I have participated in the event itself because I was able to see the story and what they have done in order for the history to remain. I remember, one of the characters said that Hitler ordered that if he fails, all the artifacts, the artworks should be burned down. And the reaction of the character was so bad because as what he said, buildings and house can be bombed, can be destroyed but can be rebuilt. However, this artifacts, these artworks, once bombed and destroyed, it can never be restored again. There will be no history, because it will seem like it never existed.

This movie will make you patronize your own country, will help you appreciate the roots and history of your culture and kind. I remember when I went to the National Museum, I saw some of the artworks and things that were used by our early people. It is heartwarming and feels like it is a privilege to be one of them, pride that they came from our country and the feeling that they have used it before. Just like when My grandma died few weeks ago, she handed me her eyeglasses. Her eyeglasses that was so vintage. It is not really the item, but it is how it was made and why it was made. When you see an artwork, you will be able to appreciate how it is done but you also want to know the story behind it: Like, why did he made this? what is the purpose? what was he feeling? Everything has a story and for this film I would really give a high regard to the monuments men. They were far more important than the soldiers of the war who fought for their own countries. They could have lost or won but what is the essence of it, if the Artworks were not found? or if the Russians kept it? There will be no history but that Hitler failed and children won’t have any knowledge of how the early artists produce art. They won’t know who were the artists before and they won’t be able to have an inspiration or something to hold on, to search for regarding the history of our mankind.

The Story was relayed well, though I hoped Hitler was interviewed more about his insights, of him and his love for art. It would be really great to know. However, the acting was not that superb, it is just casual though good that it is not overacting. I liked the acting of the minor cast though. The movie itself was an okay movie, it is not that heavy and it focused on the good points somehow. The production fits the movie, I never expected that they would show the different artworks but how I wished they feature more artworks and told some stories about it.

Filipinos are always the non advance people in terms of training and knowledge, but when it comes to skill and talent, I believe Filipinos excel. If we had Monuments Men before, probably they won’t even asked for help, they would just go on their way but I don’t think they would succeed. On the contrary, I still believe that we should also have our own Monuments men that should be well trained in fighting and firearms and most of all in strategy. We should have our own set of Monuments men even if there is no war. They would help preserve our history and culture by making sure our artworks are well kept at the same time, well known by our fellow men.

I would really like to talk more about this movie but I would also like to invite you to watch it.

You can click this link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eQZoY1VExQ