IA#3: Interviewed Artists

Few days ago, We had a chance to interview different kinds of artist. In our group, we have interviewed a Final Art Supervisor named Ma. Franchesca Reyes. The others have interviewed an architect who also teaches in College of Saint Benilde, SDA Building,who is Noel Nicholas. Lastly, another group have interviewed a DJ. He is not a college graduate, He learned through YouTube. He is new in the industry and is a Freelance DJ. He is Lucian Sevilla.

I think they contribute a lot in the Philippine Society. Enumerating a few is one, they keep art alive in our nation. They are the reason why our Country remains colorful amidst all of these negative news and controversy our country is facing. Second, they are an inspiration. They are an inspiration especially to the youth, to not be frightened to show and follow their passion. Let us all face it, having all these interviewers, whether they are all college graduate or not, their skills, artworks aren’t compensated well monetarily. At the same time, they don’t receive recognition and respect they totally deserve. Having them in our country,makes it a better place. Not all people are innovative and creative. Like me, I always liked art. I deeply like to see , if you don’t paintings, go to museums even if I really don’t know who are the artists who made it. I love listening to music, even if I can’t memorize the lyrics of the song and name of the bands. It is just really, no matter how you like Art, if you don’t have the skills and proper training, you can’t never be an artist.

I admire the perseverance, patience and imagination of each artist. As I have mentioned, I really want to do and make art. Whether a musician, a singer, a painter, a sculptor however, I really don’t have the skills. Even if they are not well compensated, they still keep their heads up and continue to do what they love to do. They don’t give up until they are able to produce their finished work. Also, I don’t know where they get their continuous imagination. They are very innovative, they always produce something new and not alike all the time.

I need the two things I have observed from them : perseverance and patience. These two will totally help me to be successful in my future career life. I need to be patient with some of the present and future professors. Some of them really gives lot of requirements and teaches differently. I need to persevere still so I will be able to reach my goal. And even if I graduate, I still need these two values to be on track until the end. I need focus like all other artist. Almost all of my relatives are artists, and I what I have learned from them is these two, and now I can also say, they are all happy with their lives.