but i wanna thank you the most baby cos you always believe in me
[29/01 3:18 pm] Gabrielle Louise: just now i teared up in the train a little cos u like never reply then i worried then started thinking about what if smth go wrong. then who am i gonna plan everything with.
[29/01 3:19 pm] Gabrielle Louise: cos i guess i never really planned anything with my life cos i dont like doing things alone. and now ive you i actually can plan a future with and i started thinking about doing things alone. like theres no goal or whatever.
[29/01 3:19 pm] Gabrielle Louise: but now ive you i wanna plan everything with you. i wanna succeed with you. i wanna live with you.
[29/01 3:19 pm] Gabrielle Louise: its just nice to know i can share all of these with someone. and grow with someone in the process.
[29/01 3:21 pm] Gabrielle Louise: like you know i like competition. and with other people its like im always the one who wins even without playing. and with you, i know you’re gonna do great with your life and i wanna be a part of you that. and if youre gonna do so well i gotta be on par right. so thank you for being so great!!!!!!!

yesterday she said this. I’m so in love

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