I drank my Moon Blood and I liked it

{Photo credits: Chanel Baran/Womb Illumination}

Sorry no trigger warning.

Yup, I drank my moon blood, a few times now, actually the last was about 30 mins ago.

I am feeling alive, wise and full of ancient mysteries… stories to be told of long ago when Women’s bodies were held as sacred and full of wisdom as the Earth itself.

We still are that. It’s just not such a common known fact or way of life.. since the ages of moving away from the wisdom of the body and land and more into the disconnection of who we really are.

Back onto the topic of moon blood drinking…

For those who don’t know what Moon Blood is, let’s start there.

Menstrual Blood.

Many of us call this our Moon time/Moon Blood as when our bodies are hormonally healthy, our emotions are something we allow to be felt and our hearts are living our sweet purpose, our Periods sync up with the cycles of the Moon.

The Moon can tell us a lot about where we are at in the cycle of our life. We can track our moods, patterns, desires, and needs by paying attention to when we bleed and what phase the Moon is in. Then we can live our lives in a natural rhythm with what our bodies need to actually thrive.

We can orchestrate our action orientated business and projects to line up with when we have more energy and take time to nourish and release when we are bleeding, instead of pushing ourselves in every moment.

When we create our life to flow in cycles like everything in nature, our feminine bodies get what they need and they give us optimum health and success.

There are studies happening around the world discovering our moon blood is full of healthy life giving stem cells. An international scientist found menstrual blood had the capacity to work ‘miracles’. He shared that the first time he used Menstrual Blood Stem Cells he felt like he had been ‘reborn’ — as an unfit man in his late fifties, he had to run around the block because he had so much energy.

Then another research scientist in his sixties working with stem cells had experienced his hair change from grey to the black of his youth in a matter of months by drinking women’s period blood.*

Eeeek, gross, ewww you may be thinking..

Well, I thought that too when I first heard the idea that people are doing this.

And then I decided it’s just my programmed judgment and so I tried it.

{Photo credits: Chanel Baran/Womb Illumination}

The first time I drank it, I was so pleasantly surprised by the taste. I’m sure they all have different smells and tastes to them, and probably ones health plays a part in it’s appeal.. This was my own moon blood and, damn, it tasted good!

It was sweet and had this beautiful silky texture to it, and immediately I felt like I had drunk some magical potion, a medicine that I felt connect me so deeply to my own Womb.. the birth center of creation and new life to come through me.

I felt powerful, I felt so strong and full of knowing.

It gave me energy and also relaxed me. I went into receiving a massage and dropped into the deepest meditative state. My mind stepped out of the way completely and my ancient Feminine wisdom took over.

I was hooked.

This last time I drank it, I sang to my future children, I vowed to the Earth that together we would create Heaven once again.

I lay back on the soft cool grass and began to laugh deeply and wholly. I felt I was remembering a time long ago when it was so safe and celebrated to be a Womban.

I felt deep peace and joy. I feel that now.

The best time to drink your moon blood (or your partners) is on Day Three. It is most rich in the healthy stem cells, and tends to be lighter to ingest. Earlier in the flow there can be more of the energy of whatever you (she) are letting go of.

Wether you are drinking it or not, you can get really intentional with your moon time. What are you ready to release? What have you been trying to control that you are ready to lay at the feet of the Goddess, allowing the Earth to compost it and clear the way for something new and more aligned for your Soul?

If you are going to try drinking your blood, get intentional with what you are receiving and ready to let in. What are you ready to embrace about yourself, what will you ingest to allow for more life, more joy, more love to flourish?

Equally powerful is the ritual of giving your moon blood back to the Earth. Everything returns back to the root, back to the Earth. The time of Menstruation is representative of the cycle of Death, giving way for us to re-birth ourselves anew. More literally the shedding of our Uterus lining is a sign that a baby was not conceived and so there is a kind of grieving that takes place (even if we were not trying to get pregnant — the body still must grieve that life was not created).

It’s a potent time to commune with the collective Feminine essence that has the ability to create life and also is the destroyer of life. By giving our blood back to the earth we are consciously acknowledging the cycle of death as a powerful part of life.

We honor the Earth, the Mother, who gives life and also receives us when we die. Honoring this time of grieving what was is so important to clear space, for new seeds to be planted, nurtured and birthed in ourselves, our relationships and our lives.

The power of our bodies are so so so profound. We have been taught to not trust our body, to transcend it, to disassociate, to control and oppress our intuition.

It’s time to reclaim the power of your body. She is here to teach you how beautiful being and feeling can be. She is here to remind you of your power and that your power is good and needed in the world.

Reclaiming this ancient rite to commune with, wear, taste and love your Menstrual Blood is a direct path to reclaiming your Magic as a Woman.

To face all the things that you have been told are taboo, wrong, yucky, bad, sinful.. and to rightfully remember, it is all sacred, all perfect, all part of being Human, and what a blessing that is to be in the world of form.

You are a Being of Love, you are here to co-create a reality on Earth that is nothing less than pure magic.

Maybe Moon blood will help you to rediscover that magic in you too?

Lillie Claire Love



Look what these guys are doing with the menstrual stem cells: https://www.cryo-cell.com/menstrual/stem-cells