2016 U.S. Elections: Your attitude trumps it all

I’m not American but I’m thankful to live and create meaningful work in America. This photo is taken in Zion National Park in Utah, where I stand a mere, small being against the vast beauty of this great country. While I don’t understand the minds of people and the outcome of many things, I can only voice my gratitude for the blessings that humanity and America is bestowed with.

I’m not American and I couldn’t vote. I’m an immigrant in this country and while my voice is small and insignificant, these are my views:

Putting our differences and preferences aside, we are one people with the same needs and desires — we want to have our basic needs provided for: food on the table, a place to live, clothes to wear, safe neighborhood, fulfilling work, social activities, life purpose.

So while we are divided by our beliefs and affiliations, we are united in our humanity.

Regardless of the result of the 2016 POTUS election, there is one thing far more important that ensures life goes on wonderfully and beautifully: our attitude.

What trumps it all in any situation is your attitude. Not circumstances, events or people. Your attitude trumps and wins in the end.

The true character of a person is demonstrated in difficult times. Don’t add negativity to negativity. Don’t add darkness to darkness. Let your good light shine.

Don’t ever think you can’t make a difference. Every little thing matters. Counter negative with positive. That’s how you trump.

Failure is not final. The fact that you stepped out to DO is an applaudable step. Your stepping out is a demonstration of faith and courage. Your very act of stepping out inspires hundreds, thousands, millions — without you even knowing. So don’t hide your gifts and calling. Step out and make things happen.

When we fail, we reflect, pick ourselves up, strategize better, and move forward. Don’t wallow in defeat and misery.

Life is always hopeful. Even when you’re hopeless, life is full of hope. You don’t have to be great or strong. You just have to get up and move on. The answer will come, sometimes slowly, but it will surely come.