Cycling Across America — A Documentary

A former legal executive for over a decade, I eventually left a field that promised security and status to pursue my first love — writing. I became a researcher-writer in a television production house that produced factual television programs for NatGeo, HistoryChannel, Discovery and BBC Worldwide, to name a few. It was there that I developed an appreciation and love for documentary-making. Yet at the core of what I do, endurance sports remains my area of passion, calling and inspiration.

Two summers ago, between June 7 and July 15, 2014, I cycled 4,000 miles across America in 39 days, pitted myself against numerable hardships and unpredictable weather conditions and survived to emerge as the first Southeast Asian female to undertake such distance and speed.

The epic bike ride, stunning American landscape and inspirational folks I met along the route who overcame their personal challenges and limitations are documented on video.

My grueling 39-day journey is captured in a 39-min documentary — watch it now:

Why did I produce this documentary? The answer is simple: I wanted to document a journey that during conception, seemed huge and impossible, but with a clear focus and mission towards accomplishing it, I hunkered down and broke through every conceivable obstacle to make the journey a reality. And I want to share that journey, in the hope that it will not only inspire you to get active, it will actually inspire you to pursue your own dream.

Cycling across America in my personal record of at least 100 miles a day was my dream. What’s yours? Go on, pursue it.

Do you have questions on what it takes to prepare to cycle cross country and the obstacles faces? I will be appearing in a road cycling webinar on April 8, 2016 at 7:00 PST or 10:00 EST where the full documentary will be screened, followed by a brief talk and Q+A session. Tune in to watch the documentary and ask any questions you have. I look forward to seeing you.

If you’re a cyclist, you can benefit from The Road Cycling Summit, an inaugural live webinar to help you become a better cyclist. Happening April 6–8, 2016. Tune in to find out more.

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