Are rodeos all that bad

People talk about animal rights all the time and in there comes the discussion of if rodeo is good or bad

It seems like most people think that rodeo is abuse to animals and should be band, well here’s some things you should know before you say rodeo is bad.

Any animal that is involved in rodeo is treated better then the average animal

From bucking bulls to barrel horses, they get fed the best food possible, and get more attention than the average ranch animal. Bucking stock are not only fed well but they are bred well for the job they do to keep them from getting hurt. They also get examined if they don’t perform as good as they could or even just for acting off. These animals are in a training program to keep them in shape and good at there job, but are trained in a way that doesn’t stress anything.

They love their job

Yes, animals involved in rodeo enjoy it. You may be thinking how can they like it when it looks like it hurts? Well even steers don’t get hurt doing what they do. The roping steers think of it as a challenge to out run the cowboys, and a steer is made in a way to Handle being roped. Same goes for steer wrestling, they find it a challenge and are built to get thrown around. The bucking animals like there job too, who wouldn’t want the chance to throw someone? They think of it as a challenge and enjoy there life. Far as barrel racing goes, those horses are also bred to do barrels, and they love the pattern. Not only do they have a good career, but when there retired they get to just hangout and get used for breeding if they were good enough.

Yes animals have died in rodeo, and will continue to, but animals also die on the ranch and in the wild just as much if not more. These animals are bred for what they do and have a better life then most animals. It is also part of our culture and we have been doing it for years, and will continue.

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