Assuming things about teens

Don’t ever assume anything about me.

Don’t evey say “typical teen, always on their phones.” I hate that! I am a teen, and I hate it when adults say that! Like no, I am not always on my phone. In fact I know many adults who are in their phones more then me.

“They are lazy.” No. I am not lazy. In fact I work harder than lots of adults, and complain a lot less about work than some adults too. So don’t ever say teens don’t know how to work

“They are ungrateful.” Well no, I am grateful for everything I have because I have had to work my butt off for it. I know how much things cost and how much work they take so when I finally get what I want I am grateful for it and take good care of it.

“There irresponsible.” Are you kidding? I have teachers who live in town that show up late for school. But yet the irresponsible teenager, can do chores and drive 20 minutes and make it to school on time. I know many teens who are more responsible than adults. Not olny that but it takes alot of responsibility to look after a herd of cattle and 7 horses

Don’t ever make assumptions about me. The only one you will ever make about me that will ever hold true that if I say something, I mean it.

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