Make sure he treats you right

No! It isn’t OK!

My ex bf was not all he said he was. He said he would be a good boyfriend but then he left without telling me. Anyway he has a girlfriend now and she seems super nice but I don’t think I like how he treats her.

He still likes everything I put on Facebook, which is not OK. You don’t just go like stuff your ex girlfriend posts!

Unless your still buds. But me and him are not buds. The other night I was texting his new girlfriend and she was laughing and woke him up… which is fine except

He got mad because she woke him up with her laughter

Which isn’t OK. If your girlfriend is happy you should be happy, and if she’s laughing she is happy. Needles to say, make sure you treat your girl right, and lady’s make sure he treats you right and don’t let him pull any shit on ya.

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