Charlie Hebdo: This Attack Was Nothing To Do With Free Speech — It Was About War
Asghar Bukhari

Why #CharlieHebdo was never that funny

I am a writer/human, believe in free speech and condemn violence, but I wish everyone would stop telling Muslims to chomp the chill pill about these cartoons, that they need to “laugh at the issue until it is as banal as Catholicism,” as one cartoonist suggested. But isn’t it a bit obvious why laughing at the pope is not the same as laughing at Pro-Mo?

It’s the same reason why laughing at the guy in the wheel chair makes you a discriminatory dick but laughing at your teacher is okay, even if you make fun of both equally. Or why a cartoon of a Jew drawn as a thieving cockroach threatening a self-respecting German’s livelihood in pre-Nazi Germany could hardly be called “satirical” or championed with pride as some glowing example of “freedom of expression,” merely because, hey! they make fun of Christian Germans too!

These “jokes” are iodine in the much bigger wound of minorities struggling to integrate in a place that frankly does not want them. And as this guy argues, ‘upholds existing racial stereotypes that only serves to vilify and hardens racial prejudice against them.’ Or this guy: “This is the hardest part, the murder of the satirists in question does not prove that their satire was good,” writes Canfield. “Their satire was bad, and remains bad. Their satire was racist and remains racist.” But I guess, I defend your right to be a dick, but don’t expect people to laugh.

When you’re the guy in the wheelchair and the joke is constantly about people who can’t walk, I doubt you’d be laughing either. I commend #CBC for not republishing these cartoons for the shitty clickbait.

ANYWAYS. While I don’t necessarily agree with all, this guy’s perspective shines a different light on the defense of freedom of speech argument and worth a glance (as we are all kind of reading the same thing and participating in a giant group think orgy). (And I shouldn’t have to say this, but this is not condoning in any way the sick violence the journalists faced. It’s a plea for us (fully integrated Westerners) to get our head out of our asses and realize that xenophobia/dismissal of immigration is not the answer to what happens next.) Thoughts?