CNA #5

Women in South Asian politics have not empowered women

Women, in the Indian subcontinent, have been rising to power. In one country, a woman has been in control for the past 22 years. These statistics, however, do not show that women of these countries still have to get permission to go to a clinic and only 27 percent of them work.

The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: The Boys are CPAC in Town

At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), many comments about Trump’s decisions as president were addressed. One of the speakers said that the “destruction of the administrative state” was a plan of our president’s. The Homeland Security Secratory even addressed the immigration controversy, saying that no military forces will be used.

Betsy DeVos’s Spineless Transgender Bathroom Politics

Earlier in the week, the civil-rights rule that enabled Transgender children to use the bathroom that went with their gender identity, was repealed. Best DeVos, Trump’s Education Secretary, expressed her doubts on this action. DeVos reached out to Trump about the decision and he promptly told her that she could get on board or she could resign, she chose to keep her job.

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