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Faculty in Plane Crash

Who? Two professors from Backwater State University

What? Were in a plane crash

When? Thursday night

Where? Kennedy International Airport

Why? Returning from conferences

How? Crashed on takeoff

A plane, carrying two Backwater State University professors, crashed upon takeoff, at Kennedy International Airport, Thursday night leaving five dead.

The two professors, John Dumont and George Johnson, were on their way home, from two separate conferences in New York City, Thursday night when their plane unexpectedly crashed.

Meeman Speaks

Who? Author Norman Meeman

What? Spoke, mostly to English students

When? Sunday, 4:30 p.m.

Where? William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library, room 111

Why? Encouraged students to have their own styles and not to imitate that of others

How? To get out and live their lives

Pulitzer Prize winning author spoke at William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library on Sunday afternoon.

Author Norman Meeman won the Pulitzer Prize for his book “My Life as Far as it Goes” two years ago.

Professor Wins Award

Who? Clement Crabtree, professor of horticulture

What? Won the George Washington Honor Medal

When? Last week

Where? Pennsylvania

Why? For his essay “Plan for Peace”

How? The essay urged for the distribution of red, white and blue flower packets in foreign nations

A local professor is one of 32 selected recipients of the George Washington Honor Medal at Valley Forge.

Clement Crabtree received the award, last week, for his essay “Plan for Peace” that suggested distributing red, white and blue flower packets to foreign nations.

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