Wkbk Ch. 3 #1

Doing profiles on people can be hard, especially when you do not know them at all. Establishing rapport with said person will also be difficult. By following these few steps, completing a profile and establishing rapport with the new instructor on campus will be a piece of cake.

First, you should definitely come into the interview well prepared with your questions and make the person believe that you know what you are talking about. Make sure that the questions you are asking will be viable to the profile you have been assigned to write. Do not include any extraneous questions in your interview because those will waste time.

Second, make sure you appear friendly. No one wants to open up to someone who comes across as hard and unwelcoming. Friendliness is always the way to go because it tends to make people feel more at ease around you.

Lastly, inform them of how you plan on writing the article and when it should be coming out. This will give them something to look forward to as well as letting them know that your intentions are good. Having a time frame is always valuable.

Following these three steps should help build the trust you need with the new instructor. Having rapport with your interview subject is always important. Being prepared, appearing friendly, and having a time frame are great ways to build rapport.

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