Dana 132 Rear Projector Screen

A lot of times when we do presentations in a class, we tend to look at the project screen behind us. It is usually not a good practice because well-prepared presenters should be able to give their speeches without looking at the screen behind— after all, who wants to see presenters turn their back on them all the time?

The designer of Dana 132 had probably thought of this beforehand. There is a rear projector screen in Dana 132 facing forward, and it can mirror the front project screen so that presenters standing in front of the class can actually see what’s going on behind them. With this rear screen, even an unprepared presenter does not need to look back all the time anymore (but it does not mean that you should come unprepared). Furthermore, similar to a stage, the classroom slopes upward from front to back so that presenters can always see the rear projector screen and the students can always see the presenters as well.

The rear projector screen is a life saver for presenters, but that’s not its only functionality. The screen can be used as a secondary monitor so that presenters can switch the front screen to projector mode while keeping PowerPoint slides on the rear screen.

Unfortunately, so far Dana 132 is the only room I have seen that is equipped with a rear project screen (some classrooms in Academic West has rear TVs mirroring in the front screen but I find them too small to look at). I hope the school can install more rear projectors like this so everybody can become an excellent presenter.