Recent stories that take a deeper look at the effects of technology on youth

TThe impact of technology is something that concerns us all, whether or not we have kids.

From infants and toddlers to teenagers and young adults, new generations are being exposed to emerging technologies, apps, and devices, and they’re having an effect that we are only beginning to comprehend.

What we do know is this: The decisions tech companies make about their products — and the way parents police their kids’ interaction with their digital selves — can have a lasting impact on the well-being of generations ahead.

We’ve curated a set of four powerful essays that raise important questions about…

A quoi ressemble un débat d’idées aujourd’hui ?

Une onde de choc

Je trouve enfin quelques mots après une courte semaine de réflection dans la ville en deuil de San Francisco où je vis maintenant depuis quatre ans. Les résultats de l’election présidentielle américaine ont fait l’effet d’une claque à une majeure partie de la nation qui, excepté quelques experts trop peu écoutés, ne s’y attendait absolument pas. Si je peux partager mon ressenti auprès des francophones, c’est aussi pour tenter de donner une version plus subtile de ce qu’il se passe dans les zones urbaines et développées, comme en Californie qui s’est imposé en tant qu’état progressiste.

A la recherche de sens

Nous y avions pourtant…

The clear waters of the Nice, France.

Why I am changing the way I perceive terrorism

The last time I shared a piece of writing publically, it was to talk about the shocking attacks against Charlie Hebdo in 2015. Later on that year, I attempted to write more after being part of the Paris attacks in November, but I never published anything. It felt indecent. On Thursday, while sitting at my desk at work, I learnt through Facebook that friends from my hometown Nice were under the attack of a morbid truck race on Bastille day, while they were celebrating France’s democracy under the fireworks. I’m not planning to become a Terrorism writer, I promise. I’m…

The Lost Battle for Censorship in Today’s World

Hundreds of people gathered on 01/07/2015 near the French Consulate of San Francisco to support Charlie Hebdo

Growing up in France, I remember as a kid stumbling upon a few issues of the Charlie Hebdo newspaper, in some abandoned cabinets or forgotten in the bathroom by my parents. I could not resist taking a peek, laughing over the witty jokes and play on words, but also blushing over the graphic vulgarity of some the situations illustrated. This is grown up humor, I thought, not getting all of the political criticism at stake, and too young to be interested in it anyway.

That is more or less all I knew about Charlie Hebdo. I admit it, I probably…

Elizabeth Barelli

Pondering on the intersection of Art, Culture and Technology. AR and 3D @Adobe, formerly marketing @Medium

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