I like the idea of focusing on what you really know around you rather than on distant events that…
James Banks

Hi James. I think this is a very important question to consider. I’ve found that travel can be useful in helping a person to draw their own conclusions about distant places. I also recognize that travel is a great privilege and it’s not something that we can always just decide to do simply because we feel like it. Conversing with other people you encounter in your own environment that are different than you and genuinely seeking to understand their perspectives goes a long way as well. Last, I think that seeking out news sources that engage in discussion that goes against the prevailing hype in mainstream media can offer some perspective, or at least it can help to discern whether what’s in the news is slanted hyperbole. I think Al Jazeera can be a really great source. I sincerely thank you for reading and appreciating my work. I’ll certainly be checking out some of yours. :) Oh! And one more thing. Good old-fashioned novel reading is always useful.

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