Liberals: Stop The Self-Loathing And Get To Fucking Work
Sarah Lerner

OFY, and discussing the specifically white liberal guilt complex, the hysteria this cohort is spewing is once again shifting the discussion back to themselves instead of making concrete steps forward as allies and organizers. While I agree that PC culture has gotten a bit out of hand by even silencing and alienating well meaning folks who want to get involved in justice movements but are afraid to misstep or offend to the point of inaction… I actually have been wondering lately if this, too, is a product of the white liberal guilt consciousness. Yet, I also worry about blaming the left for Trump’s ascension for a couple reasons. 1. I fear that the result will be a rebranding of the left that focuses more on class issues and less on the fight against white supremacy, which was always bound to ruffle feathers and challenge people. I don’t want to see certain struggles getting whitewashed. 2. I don’t like the idea of making Trump voters into victims. First of all, not all Trump supporters actually members of this struggling working class caricature we’ve got going on. Next, those that are members of this cohort still voted for him despite his bigotry, recklessly choosing their own self interests over the very lives and personhood of others, at least in their minds. This is a problem, and moving forward I’m wondering how can we treat this group with compassion for their economic woes whilst also holding them accountable for their complicity in white supremacy. (Btw I’m not implying in this comment that you personally think these things.) Anyway, great article, thanks. :)

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