This morning I received a beautiful note about acceptance. The passage spoke of acceptance from within, acceptance of the things one has no control over and acceptance of life, people and circumstance.

Some hours later I found this ‘note to self’ and decided to send it off through Medium, rather than hide it in Evernote. I can’t remember why I named it Letter One.

Loneliness and profound awareness bring clarity. I have been living tangled among the shadows of my fears. Fears of inexistent futures can double themselves when matched with the fear or conviction of self programming. Another word for that programming of one’s path by projection of fear through action is called reality.

Reality is evermore irrelevant when one is able to split oneself from the outlooker and stare back at the self. If I place a mirror in front of my mind, the sight of the soul’s tunnel is endless. Self stares at the creative mind and realizes reality is nothing but the creation with the highest probability of manifestation.

Clarity is endless. Clarity can be limitless when fear contemplated, observed as a fleeing, vulnerable cloud of imagination.

For a moment life stared back and I dangled

I clung suspended and fell through.

I grasped and reached and clawed in.

Nothing was real

right, forever, true, well … all was nothing but a name

values given for playing the odds in a game

assumptions, presumptions, consumptions of air,

all fragile, inexistent intangible threads

Thoughts, story, love, loss, love again and the dreams of the times to come..

all was fleeing and I was being

Writing is where I am at peace. and the night ins my favorite place.

The Date was 11/17/2015

November 19th was an important day.

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