5 steps into handcrafting your wedding.

How to craft your wedding to make it a fun concept, well-planned and stress-free event.

In my years working at a marketing agency, I was used to develop different creative concepts in order to communicate a brand to its customers. This concepts were crafted based on the essence of the product, how do we wanted the public to respond, and with a team of experts in different areas who were in charge of making things happened. Today, in the wedding industry, we do the same thing with our clients. Taking them through the same path in order to create a wedding concept that represents them, make their guests feel the wow factor and trusted vendors who deliver great service.

So, how do you handcraft your own wedding to make it a fun concept, well-planned and stress-free event? Here are 5 steps to nail the process:

STEP 1: Set a date and a budget.

Setting the wedding date seals the pact that you and your fiancé made when you got engaged. Also, by setting a budget you can manage both your saving’s plan and the people who are going to help you afford the event. Now, you have a time-frame and a goal set for yourself, your family and the vendors you’ll hire.

STEP 2: Set a design.

Visualize the colors, the tones, the flowers, the invitations, the cake… all of it as one. How do you want it to feel? How do you want it to look? When you have the concept, you can start looking for the right resources to make your wedding come true.

STEP 3: Gather your wedding team.

It’s time to choose your bride tribe, groomsmen, and closest people who are reliable to you. Surround yourself by the people who are willing to help you in this project, will have a good vibe, and a positive attitude towards the event and what it means.

STEP 4: Hire the experts.

The main vendors to hire for a wedding are: the wedding planner, the venue, invitations, photographer, decorator/designer, band and/or dj, catering, cake, and officiant. Choose the vendors who will adjust to your wedding concept.


A wedding is a celebration of love, family and friendship. Choose details that represent you as a couple and allow guests to see, taste, or experience something that they have never seen before. Even break the rules at some point. After all it’s your big day and YOU are the most important guest.