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The man sharing my elbow rest on the flight was determined to show his extreme discontent to be traveling to Cairo.

- “What’s a girl like you going to Cairo for? it’s so dirty and regressive.”

I didn’t want to answer especially that I found myself trying to explain something that just cannot be “told” and even if I tried this guy won’t get it.

Both Beirut and Cairo fall short in many many ways, life in both can rob many of us of the basic elements necessary for a “good life”. The quality I find fascinating about Cairo is it’s ability to encounter pain with humor and kindness. Neither of which dissolve hardship, but they make it easier to navigate and — well — grow from. Our oxidation can either calcify us into polished versions of ourselves, bent on image and ego, solid and impervious, not even to light. …

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How to create a customer centric culture ᔥ

I was glad to attend the DGTLU 2014 event which took place Dec 4/ 5 in Beirut. An event that has evidently matured & evolved since its conception in 2012.

The premise

Aimed at the digital professionals in Lebanon with the aim to:

  1. Share successful implemented or near- implementation strategies.
  2. Elaborate on how to design, build, and deliver your digital banking strategy.

This is a brief round up from a business designer perspective, working on bridging consumer needs with business goals in order to create & monetize value. …

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Captured at the Institut Français du Liban, Zahle

This past Saturday witnessed a much needed introspection trip into our business & startup ecosystem here in Lebanon. On the occasion of the Global Entrepreneurship week taking place, Haya Farah & Aya Hteit planned to host an event celebrating entrepreneurship. In contrast to every other GE week-spanning event, they chose to organize theirs not in Beirut, Saida or Tripoli but in Zahle. Opening a window of possibility on a potent yet forgotten part of Lebanon.

“Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is the world’s largest celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare.” …


Lilian Abou Zeki

Business Designer | Creative Strategist

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