How to Receive Free Coaching

Are you feeling depressed, stuck, out of control in your drinking, or with lack of focus and motivation?

I have a lot that I’ve been able to overcome and I’m willing to share in my coaching relationships. I have a Master Degree in Psychology. I’m a Certified Digital Habit Coach and Christian Life Coach. I have helped over 250 people in their goals in the past 5 years. What makes me unique is that I focus on the Tiny Habits Method of coaching, where we both come up with one baby step that can work for you, to start with. I also bring strategies that have biblical values such as freedom to recognize and pursue your calling, discipline, encouragement, counsel, self-control, kindness, patience, compassion and stewardship in every coaching interaction. By the way, I’m not a religious preachy person and will respect your spiritual beliefs. I have coached people from all walks of faith including atheists.

Effective Nov 7th 2016, If you are struggling or know someone who is, I’m no longer able to offer 1 week of free digital coaching, the spots were taken.

But I’m offering free phone consultation if you’ve never worked with me, visit this link to apply:

Let’s be real, I’m addicted to encourage people, so if you don’t need coaching that’s okay, I won’t get hurt. But you don’t want to miss my encouraging writings! To make sure you get my future blog posts, visit me:

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Hasta la próxima! (Oh yes, I also am Fluent in Spanish)
- Liliana