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It’s mother’s day weekend and I want to take a moment to affirm you if you are a mom, and also appreciate you if you had to take the role of a mother for your siblings, your wife, your friends, your co-workers, and perhaps even people whom you are mentoring or pouring out to.

You might ask, “How do I know if I had to take the role of a mother?”

You will know by noticing that people come to you for comfort, to be emotionally nurtured and listened to. Mothers usually do what others can’t do, and when there is no mom around people, sometimes the ones who are the most compassionate take on some responsibilities that moms carry.

So if you are a man and are given the responsibility of taking care of your wife or those people around you, consider yourself special. What you do when nobody is watching is so valued. Nothing in this world is really unseen. What you do today is already and will continue to pay off.

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Happy Mother’s Day to you (or/and) the moms around you! Don’t forget that we all the mothers around us. It makes this world more peaceful, cared for, hospitable and nurtured.

May you cherish this beautiful day. Thank you for reading!

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