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Want More Focus? — Don’t Miss the Discount at the end

Hi everyone!

Hope your December is going amazing and not so hectic!

On today, I wanted to share 3 tips that help me focus:

1) Have a coach who keeps me accountable. I daily let my coach know how much I plan to accomplish, and of my progress during the week. My coach also gives me personalized tips and helps me prioritize.

2) Let my 2 accountability partners know of the goals and important matters I need to take care of during the week. I also check-in and let them know about my progress. I’m not following up so much with them, since I have a coach, but will try to update them of my progress and weekly goals, since they also have been doing so.

3) Remove distractions & Have 3 priorities for each day. This tip is the HARDEST because I have too many things I want to do on a given day. I sometimes end up with more or less priorities depending on the day. But keeping my priorities up to 3 with a set time to accomplish them, help me focus. When I’m done with the 3 priorities, I move on to less urgent matters.

Good Luck!

Oh, and here are my announcements!!

If you would like to receive coaching from me to focus more, I’ve created a new weekly focus digital coaching plan from my private coaching store, that offers the following:

*Daily personalized encouragement and coaching via E-mail is provided from Monday through Saturday (We can do texting also if that helps)

*Work with me to dig deeper into the root of why you are procrastinating

*Access to Accountability Online Group (Optional): where logging on what you are working on, and your progress can help you to do more

*1 Video or phone call coaching session of 30 min. (This can help at the beginning or at the end of the week, it’s up to you)

*Access to resources for better organization

*Task management and time management coaching

*Coaching to keep a daily log of how you spend your time (if necessary)

*End of Week Review with my feedback

>>Who is this Plan for?

*If you feel stuck with a lot to do and need someone to help you recognize which task will bring bigger value, profit, and results. 
*If you need a coach to help you increase your study habits. 
*If you need to get clarity and discern next career move.
*If you are job hunting and can’t find a job that fits you well.
*If you need to work on time management, and on focusing on the tasks that you know you need to get done, but have been procrastinating.

For more details on the weekly focus coaching plan and to buy it, click on the following:


The plan will be on sale for the month of December 2016. Instead of paying $25, you would be paying $20!

And lastly, to make this weekly focus digital plan viral, would love to ask you to click on the heart! Thanks so much!