Code Titans

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Code Titans right, yeah you must be wondering are we the same titans in the Dc universe series or the one that fought with the gods, well you’re mistaken we are Code Titans the team. Yes, the team and why the team because we are joined like beads on a necklace, we may have met each other like yesterday but we share a lot in common. I’m the only girl in the team and oh yeah it feels good. Okay, let’s get to it.

First and foremost, Let me just talk about Mr. Okello Roger our LFA, he’s quite an interesting and friendly person, he’s always there to help in case of anything, he’s understanding, he always provide feedback and his guidance is very much appreciated. What more can I say he’s sure the best.

Code Titans is a team of seven members each has a different background, but with luck, we were joined by Andela. Among my team members let me provide brief details about only three of them such that you may desire to know at least one more of them. Let me first introduce to you Rasta Man.., as I call him off course that is not his name, he’s Lamech Lwasampijja, a very interesting communicator with a background in agricultural engineering but later, he found an interest in programming and started getting help from his friend. Rasta Man is very collaborative, I can talk to him about anything and he’s always ready to help. In fact, he’s the first guy I knew from my team before I met all the other guys and we both love art how interesting😊.

Calvin Tinka, he’s another member of the team. Cal joined Andela with no coding background or anything since he was doing a degree in Actuarial science in Makerere University, but with his fast learning skills, he has learned to code in one year. Well, what more can I say about cal is that he’s like challenges, he’s a good listener, very collaborative, always aims to get feedback and he’s friendly too.

Christian Matabarao, is a very collaborative member of our team, I would say he’s like Thor, always there to help with his hammer, Chris is simple but quite interesting in the way he does his stuff, he’s like communicating and he’s the guy you could trust with your ice cream in the team.

In conclusion, I would like to say my thanks to Andela for meeting such interesting people in my life, and I wish we could remain a team forever to make more projects together and also have our LFA forever because he’s the best.