I personally have used Wealthfront mobile app for a long time and really enjoy. I will try to break it apart today to practice my product thinking and critiquing skills. Everything below is my humble opinion and please take it as a grain of salt.

The product description

Wealthfront is a long term automated investment service, a so-called “robo-advisor”.

The users and problem

Primary users: Young people who actively want to do financial investments to grow more value out of their current financial assets.

Secondary users: People who are new to investing.

Problem: People don’t have enough time or skill to invest. They’re looking for a smart and passive way to engage with investing. …

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One thing that we often get asked by our clients at EchoUser is to facilitate ideation workshops during projects. However, it can be really daunting for first time facilitators when it comes to planning and preparing — it was certainly how I felt. After a recent three day ideation workshop that a co-worker and I facilitated for our clients at Emerson, I thought it was a good opportunity to document our process especially for fellow designers who might find it useful as a guide to run future ideation workshops.

In the following article, I will cover general introduction to ideation workshop, how do we plan and prepare for it, personal tips on the workshop day, what we do after the workshop to provide a holistic view of running ideation workshops. …

UX and visual designer based in Silicon Valley

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