Save time and focus on your project-specific tasks

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Developers usually spend a lot of time bootstrapping their new projects using their favorite tools and libraries. But this approach is inconvenient when they are often prototyping new ideas.

Luckily, there is a feature that allows developers to deal with boilerplate code only once, avoiding all the extra work every time they want to try something new.

This feature is called “template repository” and is available on GitHub. Gitlab also offers the same feature for Premium users.

Repository Templates

When a repository is labeled as a template, it can be later reused as a baseline project, meaning that developers need to set…

How JavaScript works with browser APIs, explained step-by-step

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This article explains, step-by-step, how the JavaScript engine works and interacts with browser APIs to be able to execute asynchronous code without blocking the normal thread of execution.

First things first. This is not a quick read. I try to use day-to-day examples to help you understand how it all works but expect this to require a substantial chunk of your time if you want to read it and understand it all.

I based my article on the courses I took from Kyle and Will Sentance.

JavaScript Engine and Browser APIs

Let's start by describing some parts of the JavaScript engine and the way they…

Being successful at work is not the only thing that matters in life

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After having my daughter, I decided to stay home because I wanted to enjoy quality time with her. I am lucky that my husband takes his dad role very seriously and wants to be part of our daughter’s life as much as possible.

We are also thankful that his company gives almost three months of paternity leave and gives you the possibility to work from home whenever you’re sick.

I thought that, because I work in IT, it was going to be easy going back to work. Most of the time, IT companies like to look cool and integrating.

Improve the user’s speed perception of your app

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In terms of user experience, the first seconds a user enters your site are critical. If your site is perceived as slow, the user might leave the page before the loading is even finished.

Those first seconds already give the impression of how well your application works.

Developers must always consider the use of a good tool that analyzes what happens when a page is loading. The one I use is YSlow.

A good exercise is to evaluate the resources that are critical in the first seconds of loading and the ones that are not.

This article is based on…

Write an ES6 app using the right tools.

In this article, I propose a way of writing relatively simple apps without using a fully-fledged framework. It is based on my experience during an interview process. I am not trying to persuade you to stop writing your code with the latest frameworks (please keep doing that!). I am just proposing an interesting way of deeply understanding how HTML and JavaScript work together with the DOM.

You might think that writing a simple standard JavaScript application can be easy, but it always depends on the requirements. You might find yourself facing a nightmare without the right tools.

When applying for…

Run your app without specifying API keys in the code

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Do you leave your keys inside your car in a big parking lot? No? Then why do you expose your api_key in your GitHub projects?

Deploying apps using Cloud services is the norm but it comes with security complexities. Cloud services require credentials, often in the form of API tokens.

Sneaky hackers search for these tokens to use as computing resources for mining cryptocurrency or to access sensitive data.

A common practice is scanning the web and public tools, such as GitHub, in the search of API keys which are unknowingly publicly accessible. …

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