Democracy is the culture of questions

It’s high time to start to ask

We long for democracy. But the question is, do we have the competencies in our identities through which we are capable of establishing and sustaining democracy’s complex system? The complex system in what every person is a leader who takes responsibility for himself, for the community and for the shaping of economical and political systems. The democratic approach is open, transparent and it is able to engage individuals with making sense in order to shape the future.

How much time does it take for a meaningful approach to establish itself? Who builds it? How can it be passed to the society? What is needed so it could be adapted on a individual level? How should transparent and open systems be built? How could those be integrated into systems with old paradigm? What will be the collective impact? How long does the disruptive effect of integration take and when does it turn into restructuring? When does the new structure stabilize?

The democracy is a complex science. What could be learned in an experiential way.

How to get started? Let’s ask! Ask questions from ourselves and from others.

For example:

„ What does democracy mean to me?”

…and: „What does democracy mean to us?”

…finally the main question: „What does democracy mean in present days?”