Still an Architect

How I rediscovered myself and my profession

I started out on an experimental journey five years ago, to find the place in the world where I can give most as an architect again. I did not have a clue then that this place is not to be looked for outside, but must be built around me.

Before that, I worked in the innovation factory of a starchitect, planning the conceptual design of large-scale invisible systems, such as buildings and master plans. Now, too, I plan invisible systems, in the form of leadership and business strategies.

Whether there is a difference between how I plan a building and a business strategy? None for me. I experience both the same way: I allow my inner planning instinct to lead me.

But this wasn’t always like this. Years ago, I started out into the unknown with the fear that I am only an architect. Today I know that being an architect means more than having a degree about being able to plan houses. For me to be an architect is the experience how I sense, see and interpret the relationship of the world and my person. A continuous, incessant pulsation which means my life. This is what I call the inner planner’s dynamic, which never lets me down, no matter how new and chaotic a task may be.

Thanks to the great crisis, I set out on this road and could experience the limitlessness of architecture. Because today’s chaotically changing world with its invisible, super-connected systems offer countless opportunities to rediscover our values and the values of our profession, and to redefine it on basis of experiences.

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